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    Can I buy Humalog over the counter? Can diabetics buy $25 ‘ over-the-counter ‘ insulin at Walmart? ANSWER: Yes, but it’s technically ‘ behind-the-counter,’ because even though you don’t need to show a pharmacist a prescription, you still need to get it from a pharmacist. Currently the only insulin offered OTC is Human Insulin, NOT Analog.
    What can substitute for insulin? Points to Remember 4 Many people with diabetes who need insulin use a needle and syringe to inject insulin under the skin. 4 The most common alternative ways to deliver insulin are insulin pens and insulin pumps. Injection ports, injection aids, and insulin jet injec tors are also available.
    Is insulin a drug? Insulin is the drug of choice for controlling diabetes during pregnancy, that is, it is preferred over oral drugs to reduce blood sugar. NPH, insulin aspart, insulin detemir, and insulin lispro also are used during pregnancy. Insulins are considered safe to use by nursing mothers.
    Can a nurse practitioner prescribe insulin? Insulin is a medication that requires a prescription, so someone with prescriptive authority — a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant — will need to prescribe the insulin. Q: Can nurses administer medications or tests without a patient-specific order from an authorized prescriber? A: No.
    When should a Type 2 diabetic go on insulin? People with type 2 diabetes do not always have to take insulin right away; that is more common in people with type 1 diabetes. The longer someone has type 2 diabetes, the more likely they will require insulin. Just as in type 1 diabetes, insulin is a way to control your blood glucose level.
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